Sunday, August 1, 2021

[PANN] Sasaengs who rode a boat to chase after TREASUREㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ


They were filming for a content (a company content) in an island

You can see the sasaengs behind them


1. Like a companion but is not, pushing through a large crowd

2. Shutter noise greeting them

3. (Tense with the unexpected large crowd)

4. Because of the large crowd, no  t-log clips for their safety

5. For everyone's safety, suddenly picked a place they can be happy

6. At this moment, boat to watch over TREASURE has come

"They rode a boat and the sasaengs even followed them"

7. There's 2 of them

"The company including sasaengs in their video"

An actual lunatic...


[+261, -0] Wow... I'm shocked 'cause it's my first time seeing sasaengs so dedicated in following a YG idol...

   ㄴ [+24, -0] Didn't BIGBANG also experience worst sasaeng behavior during Lies and Haru haru era?

    ㄴ [+35, -0] Ikr. YG idol's sasaengs are normally not that bad but TREASURE's is just the worse?..

    ㄴ [+21, -0] WINNER was originally a fandom idol tooㅋ That story of a sasaeng entering their recording studio is famous. WINNER thought they were a staff, so they just let them inside. Anyways, it can't be helped since they're an idol but TREASURE, in particular, has lots of sasaengs. (There's a lot of them) in front of the YG building

[+222, -0] Their original plans were cancelled and they went to a private island because of them, so seeing people on twitter even cursing at the staff was unbelievableㅋㅋ 

[+73, -0] Wow I'm a fan of another YG idol and I had no idea TREASURE sasaengs are this bad... Aren't the members still young?

[+51, -0] At this point, they probably want to appear (in the show). In that case, you should just release their faces in HDㅋㅋㅋㅋ

[+44, -0] Ah that's probably why some of the members doesn't want to swim and were just sitting there. At first I thought it was strange..? but after seeing this, no wonder

[+44, -0] Wow... I was already pissed off because it's TMAP last episode yet we couldn't even get proper content because of them and just ended it just like that? But they're cursing the staff? Psychopaths 

[+34, -0] It's my first time seeing YG being this open about sasaengs;; It's the worst

[+32, -0] We have 4 minor members ㅠㅠ They went to a private island and cancelled their plans because of sasaengs, so why would they even rent a boat to chase after them.. To think that it's the last episode... Looking at the kids, they had no plans to go into the water and even go to the island

[+25, -1] I'm so freaking pissed off, the last content for season 2 just went by like thatㅡ Sasaengs shouldn't even exist because we're in pandemic but these bitches even rented a boat to chase after them in an island. They're not even 1 year old yet but seeing how it's like right now, what's gonna happen (in the future)

[+15, -0] Wow what a fucking dedication. I won't even be able to spend money to chase after my bias like that because it's so hard for me

[+14. -0] I've seen this somewhere that the kids would even greet sasaengs outside their company building.... They're just kind and innocent

[+12, -2] Our kids are still young. Go easy on them sasaengs

    ㄴ [+1, -0] You should tell them to stop. What 'go easy' are you talking about

[+11, -0] They're really crazy... Got goosebumps seeing them ride a boat to chase after them

[+11, -0] Crazy bitches

[+10, -0] Sasaengs can't be persuaded by words. They're not in their right mind. They're just stalkers

[+10, -0] I'm a YG fan but it's my first time seeing things like this...

[+9, -0] Wow I wonder if their parents know their children are like that.. Goosebumps, how can they even rent a boat to follow them ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ 


  1. i hate them for following treasure

  2. disgusting piece of shit. i didn't know till now that going to that deserted island was never their original plan (thanks to proper trans). i felt weird that they have little content for their last ep. it felt so lacking and rushed.
    these bunch of psychos should have stopped at the airport, but riding a boat? you deserve all the hate you get!!!


[PANN] Sasaengs who rode a boat to chase after TREASUREㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ

  They were filming for a content (a company content) in an island You can see the sasaengs behind them Caption:  1. Like a companion but is...