Monday, September 21, 2020

[PANN] I'm sorry (I'm a TREASURE fan)

 Hello. I'm one of TREASURE's fans, Teume (Treasure Maker), who has debuted for a month now.

I made this post to apologize and explain our side to other fandoms who may have been uncomfortable with the amount of TREASURE posts going up in talk section , starting last Thursday, because of their comeback last Friday.

 First, I apologize to the people who felt uncomfortable with the continuous amount of trending TREASURE posts in talk section and also, to other groups' fandoms who are getting dragged by TREASURE's haters in the comments.

I would like to explain

Since we are still a small fandom in Korea, we agreed to upload any promotion posts in our fan section first before actually posting it in talk section. 'I'm going to upload this tomorrow at 10pm. How does it sound?' like this.

One of those posts for TREASURE comeback, which was uploaded in our fan section first, was the 'YG somehow became a weirdo' 

Right after seeing that in the talk section and knowing that TREASURE is having a comeback, YG boycott supporters and other company bugs started leaving hate comments to all TREASURE posts they could find

And for the other fans' post saying 'Who is this?' and even Teumes' post that were just like 'Wow Teumes, have you seen the teaser? It's amazing'. This kind of posts started trending even in talk section and that's how the negative comments started to take over

We didn't made it trend on purpose ㅜㅠㅜ.. Instead, we actually want all of those to disappear

No matter how good the content is, the negative comments will still take over the post anyway so we only want well-written post to trend in talk section..

Since a lot of posts started to trend, instead of being happy, the handful of us were worried about our kids trending a lot in talk section

We lack the manpower to filter all the comments in TREASURE posts and since there are not much people defending them, the negative comments increased. At first they only mention YG and TREASURE, but now they started mentioning other groups too. Some of it even ended up being the best comment.

No matter how we try to ignore it, they still try to start a war with us. Then, other company bugs will even join at 3-4:30am and that's how the best comments will change. The situation is so unbelievable and we are slowly getting tired too

I feel sorry about them mentioning other groups and I'm also upset because of those comments, which even made it to ranked comments, that we weren't able to filter

Though this will not be solved just by my apology, to all people who were uncomfortable

You're probably like "Ah what with them, Our kids are getting dragged because of them;" ... and I was worried that you might have bad impression of TREASURE because of this, so I came to apologize and explain

I hope other people would read this too, to resolve the misunderstanding. I hope you won't hate TREASURE

With that, this doesn't represent all Teumes. This is only written by me.

Thank you for reading a long post. I hope you will fangirl happily. 

[+71, 16] Hi, I'm a Carat. I don't mind. You said they're rookies? they will definitely get dragged everyday so I hope you will take care of your mental health!! I heard they surpassed 600M hearts and even got 1M viewers!! They get more hearts than us 6-year olds.. ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Fangirl happily, enjoy it and fighting!!

[+62, -9] Don't mind the negative comments so much ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ I'm a Carat and whenever I see a TREASURE post, I read it well and I find them cute!! We also got dragged during our debut days but yours is worst,,. You know how they get more exposure the more they get dragged right? You guys could hit it big starting from your rookie days.. I understand how much you want to show them off since it hasn't been a while since they have debuted. Those negative comments are not everyone's opinion. Please know that there are others like me who are silently supporting them ~!!

[+59, -0] All their idols' here are doing well so they're all relaxed ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Everyone is so kind. Thank you ㅠㅠㅠ

[+29, -1] I'm an Army. I saw this while searching. TREASURE is still very new and my heart aches seeing them get so much hate.. ㅠㅠ .. Don't get hurt over the hate comments..!! 

[+25, -1] I'm an Army. Whenever I see your posts trend in talk section, even though I don't comment to your posts, I am cheering for you. There are lots of people, like me, who don't leave comments but are supporting you. Looking at it, those haters just throw the same content to bully you and TREASURE so just ignore it. No matter what they say, ignore it. Don't get hurt. Their song this time is great. As expected, YG knows how to choose a song. I'll be cheering for you

[+25, -24] [Like/dislike this] I'm a Teume and I want to thank all the other fans for the kind words.. I genuinely got encouraged by your comments

[+23, -0] I'm an EXO-L. Cheer up. Ignore the negative comments and every time you think they crossed the line again, send it to YG's email. It's common for any group's image to look bad because of the trolls so just don't feed them. I actually thought they're rising after seeing the trending  posts about them. Fighting

[+19, -0] I'm an Inner Circle and I feel so upset. I've been keeping an eye on them since Treasure Box and those bugs hate commenters ㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋㅋ Why did a Teume write an apology post because of those people ㅋㅋㅋㅋ There are comparison posts too but that's because we're all doing well. Don't feed the trolls and fangirl happily ㅎㅎ (The trending TREASURE posts right now has few dislikes and I keep on checking it ㅜ) I love you is so good. Hit big this time. I'll be supporting you

[+18, -0] I'm an Inner Circle and I hope Teume won't get hurt because of the trolls. You seem to be having a really hard time so I hope you really get encouragement from this. The more you feed the troll, the more they will do it so just compile it to PDF and ignore. Personally, I really hope TREASURE will be a hit, though, they're also doing well right now. They're the group I'm looking forward to? All their songs are my style. I even listen to their b-sides ㅋㅎ TREASURE fans, don't be stressed dealing with trolls and just look at your kids. Fangirl happily

[+18, -0] I'm a Luvity. I came here after searching. Since our music promotions overlapped this time, I ended up watching some of their stages and the song, as well as the performance is great. I feel closer to you because of those 'rookie of the year' trolls so I'll be cheering for you. Same year debut friend, fighting ㅠㅠ 


  1. im a blink here and teume too. My message to my co-teumes is dont worry, dont think those negative comments. They dont know how hard is to become a yg trainee and wait for 2 years just to debut. We are doing good teumes! Our physical album is doing great and our digital is going stronger day by day. Just keep on streaming at different platforms. I love u teumes!!!! Lets grab the ROOKIE OF THEY YEAR! WE MUST SECURE THAT TITLE FOR OUR BOYS/MONSTER ROOKIES

  2. Hello me blink and teume, this is the beginning don't be sad !. They are diamonds and we are the light. It is indeed difficult to become a fan, especially when the idol is from YG, It doesn't matter they don't like us, make it a motivation to be better. OUR SPIRIT WILL BE WITH TREASURE UNTIL THEY BECOME A BRIGHT DIAMONDS WITH US !!! WE ARE FAMILY❤️❤️❤️

  3. I am VIP and teume, dont mind that troll, mind your own mental health ok. Always love treasure and cheer up for them. Its ok start it small, i believe Treasure will shine bright and we can be proud of it, because we stan Treasure since the beginning. Lets be happy that we can see our boys on stage and see them enjoy the stage ��

  4. Please open your heart for our boy, they're a good boy i swear

  5. Hi Treasure Makers, let's hold hand and be stronger for them. Although we are still a small fandom, let's fight together and protect them. Hang in there, please. Don't ever leave Treasure, they need us.

  6. Hello! I'm a YG Stan I know it's hard for us esp for our boys. I've been YG Stan for years and it's really hard. Because we are reaceiving hate always, everyday. But everytime I see their smile, workhard, their tears and sweat. I makes me want to protect them even more. It motivates me to work more harder. It makes me stronger. Always remember that we are always here for you. We your senior fandom are here to stand beside you. We will face this together. We are family. We will protect them together.

  7. please give your love to our treasure, they deserve to get your love, 트레저의 믾이 사랑해주세요 여러분

  8. Hello i'm just people passing by. Don't make an appologize for mistake that you are not doing. Please be calm and nice like now. I'm sorry that i could not comfort you. Please cheer up for TREASURE. Hyunsuk will be sad if he find his friends' in sad condition. So cheer up! ^_________^

  9. Hallo I'm Teume , hey Treasure "We will stay with you all :))
    Don't give up okay...
    We love you all...

  10. Hi i'm teume too, I'm sorry that I can't be right there for you, I wish i can hug you right now and tell that I'm with you. Thanks for being strong for us, don't give up and let's protecting Them and supporting Treasure as always.

    Remember that Kteumes has International Teumes,.

  11. Hi! I'm a VIP.Please teumes,don't get stress about bad comment it Will affect your mental health.Ignore it as much as you can.
    My heart hurt too bcs of the hate that Treasure received.
    I believe the hardship you guys face today won't last forever. The happiness Will come soon and those boys Will be very huge and succesful.
    We VIP Will always support TREASURE as much as we can. You guys aren't alone.Please Fangirl happily Cheer up !

  12. My heart aches reading this.
    Hope we can pass this hard times
    Teume our small fandom let's have a big heart let's have courage and never drag others down
    At the end of the day every groups don't deserve to get hate
    Let's fangirl happily

  13. Junkyu said "Teume, don't go anywhere, please stay with us forever."

    So Teume, let's hold hands together and please be strong for them. let's work harder and spread more love. believe me, effort will not betray the results. Hyunsuk doesn't want to see his friends sad right? ^^ so let's go through all this and be happy in the end with our boys. Teume Fighting!!❤️

  14. We are family we are family we are family we are teume for Treasure. We are the reason there is treasure. Be happy fighting don't apologize okay? Frome your family teume indonesia ❤

  15. Our teume and treasure fighting, always stay with we. We are family. I love you guys

  16. Teume Fighting💪We can, Let's protect Treasure together❤️

  17. I'm a teume since pre-debut era. And I still dont understand why our boys getting so much hate. But these days, I'm trying to ignore hates bcz it affects me so much to the point I questioned myself if I stan a right group but everytime I see treasure, their hardworks, their faces, their genuine smiles, it made me realize that no matter how good our boys are, people always have something to say! Let's cheer up! And don't give up or sad bcoz of those people! Actually they are not worth it! Remember karma is a b!tch ��

  18. I am an international Teume and it is true that Teume has it difficult. We try to cheer each other on and other fandoms also cheer us on, we appreciate it. But I think the ones that fight it the most are the songs from Korea since they really try to promote them but there they don't have much support because they are from YG. If you are a Korean Teume, please fight with us and thank you. :'3

  19. Hello i am iKONIC and i saw this post... i hope treasure can success and always happy ..i hope teume always happy too and be one of biggest fandom in the world ❤️ all of treasure’s song is so good..fighting always teume ❤️

  20. I am a VIP and a whole yg stan. I've seen worse than this situation and it's kinda not new thing to me with this struggles. I don't know why people get so worked up with yg talents every time they'll do great. I guess, antis just can't ignore how talented and good the yg artists... Anyways, just wanna say, PLEASE don't get so upset about those trivial comments because I am very much sure that those were just trolls who doesn't know how to be happy. Seemed like their life is full of bitterness. I can't blame them though for acting too low. After all, even how much antis want to bring yg down, they still left unaccomplished because the more they try to ruin it. The more yg artists get to be known. Which reminds me of the old saying that says, "Bad or Good, a publicity is still a publicity." So please don't feel too sad or burdened too much. VIPs and other YG senior fandoms also have gone such phase. You'll EVENTUALLY thank this once everything fall on its rightful place. Please don't give up on your idols. Fans are the core of the idols spirit. The idols and fandoms must worked together to achieve such good results. As the way I see it, Treasure and treasuremakers are doing way better than VIPs during debut. Cheer up kiddos! Life isn't that stressful. Live up. Smile and go forward.

  21. I am a vip, but recently i watch treasure video. Treasure really a good boy, i starting like them. Don't feed the trolls, just focus on treasure and cheer them up.


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