Wednesday, March 17, 2021

[PANN] In connection with Idol school violence (TREASURE Doyoung)

 During this time when a lot of issues regarding Idol school violence (not sure if it's real or not) is going around, it reminded me of that one kid who was in the same class as me in middle school which is why I'm writing this

(This is not a bullying post so don't misunderstand!!)

When I was 1st year at Eonju Middle School, there was a YG trainee in our class

A lot of kids from Eonbuk grade school and S**R** grade school come to Eonju middle school but since I was school mate with that trainee's friend, I already heard the rumor even before I enrolled to middle school

I had no interest with idols so all I knew was that YG is PSY and AKMU's company but kids around me were saying that being accepted in our country's top 3 companies is harder than getting into the prestigious colleges out there

All I know is that he's a talented amazing kid and we weren't close in the beginning of our 1st year since I only hang out with my girl friends and most of the time, he'll leave the school early (Trainees usually have to leave in the afternoon because they have to go to their company so they couldn't attend all their classes)

Kids who were in the same class as me would know what I'm talking about but at the middle of our 1st year in middle school, there were these so-called bullies who would go to our class room. They would sit at the back and start talking about the quiet girls in our class. Their uniform, their body, faces etc

None of us could tell them to stop. I was just a by-stander and some of the boys in our room would even join and laugh with those bullies while most of us would pretend nothing is happening

It kept happening and there was this one day when Kim Doyoung was eating in our school (I've said this before that most of the time he would leave in the afternoon so most of the time, I won't see him at lunch). During that day, the bullies also went to our room. They greeted Kim Doyoung and then started to harass the girls again (In case you misunderstand, he's not close with them. If they know you're a trainee or you're from a rich household, those bullies would treat you well. They would greet you and tell you to not forget about them)

To be honest, if you're a trainee who is preparing to become an idol, you wouldn't want to have people in your school talk bad about you right, since those people can hold grudges against you and they could write a rumor about you in the future, also it's not like there was absolutely no one who would tell the bullies to stop so it's perfectly understandable for Kim Doyoung to just quietly eat his lunch

That day, the bullies started with their routine-like "Look at her" and then started to talk about that girl's body (legs) but as soon as they said that, Kim Doyoung was like "Ah, my legs are pretty? Thank you ㅎ" (It's been 5 years so I don't remember it perfectly but it was like that). The bullies snickered and said "Not you. That girl's legs (blahblah sexualizing words)". After that, Doyoung immediately asked "Did she tell you she doesn't find your words offensive?". The bullies were suddenly lost of words and jokingly said "Why are you being like that~". Since they were still fooling around, Kim Doyoung said, while smiling, "Hey that is sexual harassment. Stop it and let's just eat lunch" and nicely told them to go back to their rooms 

Since this story is from way back our 1st year middle school days, I don't remember that much about him. I also transferred to another school in our 2nd year so I haven't seen him again after that. I had no idea but I recently met up with my close girl friends back in 1st year middle school and I heard he debuted as a member of TREASURE from that company which is why I'm writing this post

 He is a kid with a great personality and his innocent image is not just for a show. He's really kind and handsome that he's popular among both guys and girls

A lot of issues regarding idol school violence is going around and just incase those bullies would write bad things about him in the future, believe me those are not true


[+106, -2] I can't believe this soft cutie taught them valuesㅠ "Ah my legs look pretty? Thanksㅎ" this way of speaking if definitely Kim Doyoungㅋㅋㅋ 

[+83, -2] For real.. I want to show off Doyoung everywhere. Where did this sparkling kid came from.. 

 [+80, -3] He's not a bully but I was shocked because I thought this post was about that. As expected, our soft-outside-but-strong-outside Kim Doyoung

[+45, -1] Among the EonJu Middle school anecdotes, I remember that story of a 1 year older senior confessing to Doyoung but was rejected. That senior said that she wouldn't mind if he would reject her in a mean way but he rejected her so respectfully and politely and it made her even sadder that she cried so much...

[+38, -1] When did our baby grow up this much ㅠㅠㅠ 

[+36, -1] I have a lot of friends who were also from Eonju middle school and they were like "School violence? not even close" They just said he was really handsome and cute. They even showed me pictures of him during their graduation day and he's really handsomeㅠㅠ 

[+36, -0] As expected, I have a sharp eye after deciding to stan Kim Doyoung

[+35, -0] Doyoung-ah, my reasons for liking you increased again. I already have a lot right now but I can handle everything❤️ How can you be perfectㅠㅠㅠ 

[+35, -0] Only an actual masters can still smile kindly while teaching people values and I bet Doyoung's parents are proud their son grew up to be like this

[+33, -0] Our Doyoung..❤️ His family is on another level but despite that, he's humble and a lot of things can be said about his personality (all good things). OP thanks for writing thisㅜ 


  1. I stan the rightman. He is innocent, kind and beautiful. He deserves to be loved

  2. A well mannered kid. Because of this I have the reason now to don't stop stanning him. Hyunsuk is right. He is cute and with good personality. That's why he deserves the love and attention that he gets from teumes. Admit it some of us can't really appreciate him at first when you're getting to know Treasure when we're starting to stan him. But when u get to know him you will definitely love him. Ahh Doyoung I'm going crazy. I wish I could do something for you other than voting and Streaming 🥺

  3. i'm glad he stood up for the girls and taught those kids values in a very nice way.

  4. My respect for him is so high

  5. Aaaaah.....
    This kid *motherlysmile


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